Detour strangeness
  • Hi, this year, in Killarney National Park I came across a bit of strange behaviour shown by Navigator.

    The path for walkers and cyclists goes along a large loop, and a pony trekking path cuts straight across that loop.
    Whoever put that one into OSM, marked it as open to pedestrians (which may be legally correct, but is factually nonsense - ankle deep mud and large, much more than ankle deep puddles).

    Somehow Navigator insisted that I took the shorter pony track - and kept insisting until (on the long footpath) I was about ten metres away from the spot where both paths joined again.

    Bug or feature?
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  • This is an OSM question. Why to blame Navigator? When it's mapped as free for pedestrians, it's only correct that Navigator wants to use it.

    But next time you encounter a similar routing problem, pause navigation, select the wrong path on map until it's highlighted, then in map menu choose edit --> block. Restart navigation.
  • you can also use Detour option - press screen for 1.5s during navigation
  • Sorry - I didn't express myself well - the classification of the pony path is of course an OSM option.

    I was just wondering why Navigator kept insisting that I turn back, even when going back and the along the pony path would have been ten times as long as just proceeding.
  • ...oh, and thanks to both of you for those hints - I didn't know about either of those options.
  • Additional question: is there any way to upload a screen shot from my PC? The only option I see is "Enter URL", but I've never bothered to create my own web site.
  • Unfortunately you need to upload your pics to some host and link them here using the image button.
  • Addition to the addition:

    Back in July I changed a tag for the Pony Trekking Route to "foot:no" - I just checked in Potlatch 2, and in the Simple View this translates into "Pedestrians - Prohibited".

    Even so, when, using the Pedestrian profile in Navigator, when I have it calculate a routing from just south of... just north of this "Ring/River Walk", Navigator sends me along the Pony Trekking Route.

    What went wrong, here?

  • I've just taken another look at the Route Setup.

    Can it be that "Other Road" simply means just that - i.e. that the tag "prohibited to pedestrians" is not read at all?

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