Downloaded Navigator will not install on new phone
  • Phone is a Samsung SGH I337 Galaxy S4. Running Android 4.4.2 Kernel 3.4.0-1125940.Build number is KOT49H.I337UCUFNC1.  SE for Android status is permissive.  When I download the app from the Play Store and open it, in process of this I get the message "some files are corrupt and will be deleted." Then the screen to choose OSM or the paid  map provider appears. When I choose OSM the program crashes i.e. disappears. I have tried repeated downloads and uninstalling. I have MFN on two other devices. I live in Ecuador (US citizen) and depend on this program  for offline nav  in some very remote locations. Any help or assistance would be deeply  appreciated. I have also signed up for the beta hoping that it will work where the Playstore version on this phone will not. 


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  • Thomas

    Thanks very much. This worked. I still get the message occasionally on startup that certain files are corrupt and will be deleted. However the program runs. 

    Since this phone is still on 4.4.4 and running Dalvic rather than Android Run Time, the program is compiled at each startup (holdover from the early Android days when phones didn't have quad core prods and 16GB of RAM). Probably under ART, that message would appear once  or not at all. In any case I am very glad to have it back. I have depended on MFN  for quite some time and use it on my tablet and other phone as well. 

    Regards and I again  am grateful for the kind assistance


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