Routing Issue (shortest): Not considering OSM Road restrictions
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    with routing set to "shortest distance" and profile "Car" does route via Elsassstraße / Düppelstraße although the last segment (OSM #8875357, starting at node #48662103 [50,773939, 6,116269])) is correctly showing:

    Thus I would have expected that car routing should not take this route, as OSM definition basically states that street segment is only open for public transportation vehicles (bus, taxi).

    Is this a "bug" or does Navigator in general not evaluate road restrictions like psv or motorcar:no+psv:yes attributes in "shortest" mode?
    (In "fastest" route, the route is correctly calculated going through Rotstraße & Reichsweg)

    (I am using MapFactor Navigation on Android Version 1.6.20)

    Thank you, Enno.

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  • my route, with default car settings. shortest does not go through Elsassstraße / Düppelstraße
    I think you changed other vehicle settings

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