How to backup all current settings into file?
  • How can I backup (from within MapFactor) all current settings into file?
    ...and restore it later e.g. on another Mapfactor on another SmartPhone?

    I found no corresponding menu entry.

    I am not talking about routes and maps but just the App settings itself.

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  • My problem is similar.  I upgraded to a 4.4.4 phone and it would not let me access the App on my SD card (!), but I did not know how to get all my places/locations I have saved into the new version I had to download onto the new phone.  Please make a "backup" option.  Suggest (like a number of other apps) you set up a "Save to cloud" feature.

  • files are in folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
    files you are most likely to backup are
  • There is not any xml file in there. Pls check again.
  • please look both on SD and internal storage

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