Temporary close the unavailable road
  • Hi,
    I found the situation when the road, which is part of calculated route, is unavailable (under construction).
    The Navigator returned me to the same point when I continued to go straightforward instead of make an unavailable turn. 
    How can I inform the Navigator to not use the closed road but calculate alternative way not including closed road?

    Best regards,
    Vadim Duchovny
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  • On the map, click and hold on the road (be sure you didn't for example hit a parallel bicycle road). Then a menu appears, that enables you to block the selected section.
  • Thank you very much,
    I'll try it today.
  • I would add that closed links will not work if you update maps
  • Hi,
    First of all I should say that Map Factor is excellent application and I'd prefer to make it even better.

    I tried the feature.
    The following issues detected:
    • The disabled links are not taken into account during route simulation.
    • When I click on road which I want to disable during the real navigation the 3 separate dialog windows are displayed which take too many time. I'd prefer to have the button "Disable" on first window do use the nearest corner and start and next corner as end of disabled link.
    • Add "Next Corner" as first option for End Point (now is only 500 m)
    • Seems me that the Disabled Links stored during real navigation aren't stored persistently (when I restarted the application then Disabled Links list was empty) but I'm not sure and I'll try to reproduce this again. When I disable link on static map then it is stored in XML file and displayed properly after new Map Factor start.
    Thank you very much for your assistance and efforts.
  • I meant another menu. Click on the road in map (not navigation) mode.

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