Trying to create route in Italy while in the US
  • I just started using Navigator. I'm in the US and I'm trying to get a route in Italy. It finds my starting point and my destination. When I hit navigate it says no route found. It works fine setting up a route in the US. Any ideas?
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  • Navigate always uses your current GPS position (US!) and will give you spoken instructions how to reach your destination from there.

    In order to simply calculate a route with a starting point of your choice, press "calculate route" in the Itinerary tab. You might find "show on map" useful after that.
    This won't start any navigation. If you like, you can the simulate navigation by using the Tools main menu item.

  • Thanks so much. I thought that was the reason but I wasn't sure. I wanted to check it out before I got to Italy. Those were great tips. Thanks again.

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