Using Navigator in Windows Mobile 10, well trying to
  • I have tried to use mapfactor a few times now in Windows Mobile 10, yeah I know it is still beta but it should work like Windows Phone 8/8.1. I am getting the logo screen and the permission to use my location box but then after that the screen is completely black, I have nothing to click and I am lost as to what I should try to do.

    Can anyone please help me understand what I may be missing or steps I should have taken.
    Thanks a bunch
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  • Same thing happens to me. Splash screen, then nothing. They may not yet be preparing for Windows 10 for phones. Good looking app though.
  • Are you using the latest build of Windows 10 for phones? Windows 10 is still in alpha and we don't officially support it yet even though people have told us that it works OK on the latest build.
  • Yes, I am on latest build, I have been using it for the past couple of builds and this one is by far the best. I understand it has to be hard to have a new OS thrown at you especially when it is from Microsoft, they tend to change things at the API level every release, I hate when they do that. I am just glad you support windows phone and hope that you continue to support it. I just wanted to give you a heads up. Being a developer for Windows phone myself, I have been through a lot of changes too, so painful!

    Thanks for supporting Windows Phone! If you need any help testing I can run tests or whatever, if you need it.
  • is it possible that upgrade is causing problems?
    may be try to unistall navigator and reinstall
  • Did that already tomas.  Twice.  For now, I'll just uninstall it completely since Jacob just confirmed it is not a product for WinXM. I'll continue using Waze, CoPilot, Sygic and Here maps since these don't seem to be affected by the current state of WinXM.
  • Hi, what brand / model of phone do you have? What is the build number of your system?
  • Actually I had not installed this until after I was on build 10149 and my system was stabilized for a few days. I have an HTC One M8. I am on build 10149.

    and just an FYI, after Windows upgrades, it actually installs the apps after the upgrade just like you were installing them for the first time. I do not think they remember anything unless this app actually saves data in the backups.
  • This is weird. So a 4th time I installed this app. Well, after I installed it, there was quickly an update.  So now the app launches. Love the features in it but I live in America. When I tap the question mark on the screen, it displays Czech Republic. I have the same phone as hometownnerd running the same build of Windows.  The maps are a tad old too. My office address isn't even on here.
  • Please let me explain how it works.
    We provide free software, but do not make maps. Free maps are created by volunteers at - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge. May be you can also contribute?

    TomTom maps will be available soon

  • Lets see if I got this right. You build the device software, they build the maps and we provide the routes, POI etc?
  • OSM mappers also map POIs. The question is only how many of them.
    You can use the data that are already there, or import your own routing points.
  • Well, I have tried over and over to install to no avail. I am now grabbing the latest build 10166 and then hopefully after that it maybe will work for me.

    A lot of the free and low cost Routing software do things this way so it is not surprising they use openstreets or whatever, although since they are using tomtom that is pretty awesome, but guess we would need to provide our login to tomtom or something like that. Shame the maps are old, guess will need to see how old they are for my area...once I can get it running.

    Thanks for helping and for giving your experiences Jazmac
  • NP Hometownnerd. Maybe this mapping software is least costly option and I appreciate that but having accurate, up to date maps is serious business. I'm not prepared to risk 30 miles out from some unknown location to discover my map is incomplete.  BTW, man, 10166 is a very nice build. Very nice.
  • I have the same Error like hometownnerd:

    Can't install the app on Windows Phone 10.0.10166, Lumia 930

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