Poor route selections (MNF)
  • Hello forum people

    MNF Version 1.5.22 from Google Playstore
    New Zealand OSM
    Huawei U8652 Android 2.3.4

    I wanted an offline turn by turn navigator so decided to try MNF because of general popularity Also forum discussions suggested pretty reasonable maturity
    Even with my rubbish phone it has not crashed, the display looks good and recorded directions are near enough to find my destination (but Google Navigator with street names is much better if you have the data connection)

    But - I have consistently found poor route selection in the city and suburban areas  With Profile set to Car/Fastest each time MNF sends me on an indirect route which is longer and slower than the obvious route The direct route can sometimes (but not always) be obtained by using one or more waypoints or using Car/Shortest  Sometimes Reverse does the trick but directions are then no good!  Restrictions such as One way and No turn are not the problem

    Example #1   Inner city (0.7 km direct route)
    Selection 1A Fastest  (1.3km 1min 32s)
    Selection 1A Shortest (1.0km 1min 13s)
    Selection 1B Fastest with one waypoint (1.0km 1min 17 s)
    Selection 1B Shortest with same waypoint (0.7 km 0min 57s) Finally but what a mission!

    Example #2  Suburban (2.5 km out and back circuit route using waypoints)

    Selection 2A Fastest two waypoints (3.2km 4min 02s)
    Selection 2B Fastest three waypoints (3.0km 3min 50s)
    Trial of 2A and 2B Shortest profiles did no better
    Selection 2B Reverse (2.5km 3min 17s)

    The "Fastest" selections clearly do not give the quickest route so I assume the detailed Car speed profiles are not the problem

    If interested see other screenshots in the album on the link below  - not sure when/if access expires Sorry forgot to reduce file size


    These are just two examples of what I have found to be persistent bad selections of a similar type   It seems that if there are multiple options (very common with urban local routing) then MNF just does one selection and spits out the answer without any optimising checks

    Long distance routes are generally OK but the urban sections of these often have the same trouble as above

    Have tried Google Navigator on same routes and did not have the problem  Even OruxMaps with BRouter offline gave me the direct routes (but no turn by turn directions)

    Do other users have a similar experience or is there something I'm missing?

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  • O.K. with u-turn and new map (Android).
    ... and small local road enabled.
    There is link to the newest apk.
  • Thanks PrzemekSupak

    I think your comment probably refers to Example #2?  All the local roads were available for my route (note that all roads needed for fastest route were used among the various #2 options above)  So I doubt that a disabled road was my problem  No U-turn should be needed so am unsure about your comment

    By chance did you try Example #1? And what was result?

    I downloaded MNF (Ver 1.5.22) the latest available on Google Playstore so expected this is the latest stable version   Did not anticipate you would suggest updating already!  Which is the latest stable version you suggest I should try?  Did this version specifically look at fixing the sort of problem I have above?

    Many thanks
  • For update (1.6.xx) - look at links:

    I checked both examples and work fine. With and without additional flag, routing is the same.

    Small explanation - if You put waypoint on disabled road, Navigator use this road. Without this waypoint, Navigator try avoid this disabled roads.

    Navigator --> menu --> cars --> car --> road category --> 'small local road' ON.

    With and without u-turn is the same.
  • Thanks very much PrzemekSupak that adjustment solves all the problems Excellent!
    Very surprising that one or more important city streets are classified as "Small local road" (lowest of 8 road categories)

    In MNF 1.5.22 the path seems to be:
    Menu page --> Settings --> Vehicle profiles --> Car --> Road restrictions --> Small local road ON

    Will look at the next version some time but 1.5.22 works well just now

    New query (should this be new post?)
    Cannot see previous post on this one

    Intersections missing from turn by turn itinerary
    Intersections (with associated road name change) along the calculated route are often missing from the itinerary  Also a  road name change on a straight road is not given 
    Is this something that can be fixed?

    Again thanks for all your help
  • I'm not sure, but try add 'detail navigation', path ....Settings.....

    If You would like to improve maps, look at www.openstreetmap.org and 'Edit in Potlatch'.
    All this free maps are created by Volunteers!
  • "Detail Navigation" provides some of that additional information I want - thanks

    I've looked previously at the OSM NZ web-site and note there are some keen volunteer groups over here  So will enquire about what can be done

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