Updating OSM Maps on Android 5.1.x crashes
  • Hi,
    I am experiencing the following, using the Navigator App on Android 5.1.x. Navigator informs about available map updates from OSM.
    When starting the update, after a short while, Navigator stops itself without any notice. Maps are not updated.
    Does anyone have the same issue and maybe know a solution to that or a work around?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Go into navigator settings and click on send logs. Write into description "Android 5.1 downloader problem" and send it. Thank you
  • I too have experienced this. When the maps available notification appears on my device I open Navigator & use the Maps Manager to update.
  • Ok, I sent the logs to you. The problem still exists even with the latest App version downloaded today.

    Thanks for looking at, Anko

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