Refine in POI search??
  • When clicking on "Search", "Nearest from GPS position", "Any"... it will produce a list of nearest POI.  Why is it not possible to refine the search further by entering a name of a POI instead of just getting a listing of ALL POI near GPS position when you may just want a particular business ?
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  • So I guess a valid request for improved refining of POI searching is not an option ... sad indeed.
  • may be you should be a little patient, we cannot implement requests to users schedule
  • It is possible to do that now.
    1. Pick search.
    2. Pick POI tab
    3. Pick By address and name
    4. Enter country, city,
    5. Choose your category (eg 'Tourism', 'Hotel', 'Shopping eating out', 'restaurant') or pick Any.
    6 Type the name or the first few characters of the POI (eg Ramada hotel, Mcdonalds)
  • It would be nice to be able to search nearest to current location.  Pretty standard search ability in any GPS unit I've used.

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