Switching from bicycle routing to car routng after ~130 km. Android
  • I use higher speeds on less important roads. This gives me a route with a chosen trade off between calm and time after choosing the fastest route. In Navigator Free it works only for the first about 130 km the latter part of a route there is on main roads or it's car-like from the beginning.
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  • yes, this is to make route calculation quicker
  • Calculation in stages is longer in total.
  • If you were to stop every 100km and allow the navigation system to exist in a rest state, this glitch might not happen. 

    Switching from Bike mode to Car mode due to one being at higher speeds for a long amount of time is an outright bug. 

  • Is there such a thing as a bike powered USB charger? 

    Are you using such a gizmo with your bicycle?

  • Yes. I use portable battery charger for 5 years. It has to be a lithium battery to give enough high voltage to charge lithium battery in a mobile. I put my mobile and my charger in my waterproof bag on my neck. I've threaded wide plastic strap because a string caused pain. I rely on voice commands. I haven't found durable bike mount (for example aluminium) with possibility to attach a charger.
  • There are several gizmos for charging mobile devices from the bycicle dynamo. There are some rather extensive articles on that topic in German language on the internetsite http://www.fahrradzukunft.de


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