(website) RSS Feed of Torrent Maps, a great idea : the userbase can become mapserver not just ...

  • THIS IS A WEBSITE FEATURE REQUEST, not an application feature request

    An RSS TORRENT Feed of the OPEN Torrent Maps would be a great idea.

    It would allow users to act as the mapserver not just the 7 Torrent servers that serve up the OPEN MAPS in use today... 

    "RSS TORRENT Feeds" support data expiration, there is a way to code it into the Torrent file itself. 

    Torrent Granularity : I would assume that the level of Continents, or Regions would work best
    -- Australasia (Australia, NZ ...)
    -- North America ({US-states}, {CA-provinces}) ...

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  • Addendum : 

    The feed should be subscribable via uTorrent, BitTorrent, ... that support RSS torrent feeds. 

    uTorrent, BitTorrent do support somehow feed expiration and updating.

    THE WEBSITE WOULD NEED TO SET UP RSS FEED OF THE TORRENTS of the Open Maps, and some information would need to be provided on how to subscribe from one's PC or MAC etc ...

  • Addendum : 

    There is a technical proposal that makes this possible and is used by some clients like uTorrent and Deluge. 

    Title:Torrent RSS feeds
    Last-Modified:Mon Oct 15 16:11:51 2012 -0700
    Author:Arvid Norberg <arvid@bittorrent.com>
    Type:Standards Track
    Post-History:14-Oct-1012: Change enclosure/size to refer to the .torrent file, rather than torrent content


    It has become common practice to publish RSS feeds linking to content by using torrent files. This BEP attempts to document and standardize how to format such RSS feeds.

  • Deluge Support

    Current features

    • RSS Feeds with individual update times.
    • Cookie support
    • Magnet link support
    • Sending emails on torrent(s) added, with the list of torrents in the message.
    • Multiple (email message) notifications can be created and applied to different subscriptions.
    • Search using regex, one field for inclusion and one for exclusion. (Maybe some simpler search method should be added?)
    • "Move completed", "Download location" and "Add Paused" options.
    • Log window containing info on what is going on.
    • It runs on the daemon, so it will work well in a daemon/thin client setup.

    Features that hopefully will be implement:

    • Label torrents automatically
    • Smart episodes filtering including history to avoid the same episodes being added multiple times.
    • Command line client
    • Better search, maybe a helper to create regex filters.

    Tested with Deluge 1.3.5 on:

    • Windows XP
    • Ubuntu 12.04
    • FreeBSD 9 (daemon)
  • The RSS Torrent feed technology in action, however with only minor modifications it will work fine for Open Maps. 

    The expiration of the map will probably have to be done in the XML field not inside the Torrent file, but that is due to the way the file formats are devised.

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