New Routing Mode -- EASY mode --
  • New Routing Mode -- EASY mode --

    Currently there are 3 routing modes, Shortest, Cheapest and Fastest. I would to see an Easy mode as well. This will not be the Shortest or Fastest but it will be the easy route using mostly major and primary roads.

    I have tried numerous road restriction configurations but I have not managed to find out the right configuration (disabling roads altogether creates more issues than solutions).

    Wonder whether an Easy mode can be developed.
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  • Assigning high priorities to major and primary roads should be enough.. doesn't it work?
  • Unfortunately not. Mapfactor seems to disregard the priorities and go its own way. :-S

    I can force it by disabling all other roads apart from major and primary roads but this creates a lot of other problems.

    Somehow the way it calculates routes is not consistent, for instance, the route to a place was different from the route back. The route back it was the "easy" route that It should have been the same going to. I do not understand why the routes were so different.

    Also, the routes are different from other nav apps as well. For instance I get different routes from OsmAnd and CoPilot using very similar routing parameters.

    Mapfactor is great but others are catching
  • Try delete settings.xml file.
  • @PrzemekSupak  

    I cannot find the settings.xml file.  I can see a vehicle_profiles.xml file. Could this be the same one?
  • Please wait for comment from Mapfactor team, or check it in previous posts.
    WindowsCE has settings.xml and del it helps with preferences issues.

    As far as I remember, answer is 'yes'.

    Check 'Restore initial settings of Navigator' in menu/advance.
  • if you cannot find settings.xml file then it may not be possible to get created
    check that your SD is not write protected
  • Not write protected.
    There is no settings.xml file. I have in both v1.4.24 and v1.6.13 the vehicle_profiles.xml file ( android version).
    I deleted it and it was recreated with the default settings - but has not resolved my issue
  • Could You please show it on map. The most possible reason is issue with map.
    Try set 70 % for motorways, primary, secondary roads and enable small local roads.
  • I thought you are using WinCE version, 1.4.24 and 1.6.13 are Android versions, there is no settings.xml
  • I used your suggestion - its getting better. Most of the route is as expected now. One more thing to work out.
    I get the same behaviour on both latest TomTom and OSM maps

    See screenshots. 

    First shot - Mapfactor route calculation
    Second - how it should be forcing it with a waypoint
    Third - CoPilot route calculation

    I suspect that the destination point could be a culprit as well. 

    Thanks to both - you are a great help.

    @tomas - just a thought -  is there any way to save Profile parameters with every route ( ie within the Routing_Points.xml file).




  • Try my preferences:
    Change in setup, for a while, to metric (km/h).
    Add new car, fastest, max speed 110 (km/h).
    140/90/63% for motorways,
    65/40/50 for small local roads.

    Routing goes always A605/A1 or, for different destination, A605/A1139.
    Now,if it works well, change speeds and preferences for better time calculation.

    I have three, four different car profiles for standard or comfort routing.

    Start from Oundle.

    With new maps, all preferences above are NOT current!
  • @Stavrich - you can save different profiles, but you cannot assign them to specific routes

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