Navigator crashes on Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580)
  • For several years Mapfactor Navigator worked flawlessly on the above Tablet.  Recently, it just crashes.  I have tried restarting. Tried clearing cache.  Tried deleting data.  Then tried re-installing.  Nothing worked.

    Running Android 8.1.0
    Samsung Experience Ver: 9.5

    Any help would be appreciated very much.

    Do love the app over all the others that are in the Android Play Store
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  • I think I know the cause of the problem.  Upon reading:

    I removed the SD card and reinstalled Navigator. Downloaded one map.  Now it works!  When I have installed a new SD card, I will be able to confirm that the old SD card had failed and gone into read-only mode, which was causing the MFN crashes.

    More to come ... later.

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