Don't work since an update
  • there was an update a few monthes ago, now it's v7.3.24. (Android 11)
     - the app takes a very long time to open (40 seconds)
     - the search finds nothing, not even Paris, or after  7'40"

    already before and always now
     - When I close it, you have to close it a second time
     - When I leave it open and the phone goes to sleep (classic standby after 1 minute) when waking up, the application is a blue screen. I have to close it and reopen it

    something else :
    I wanted to buy up-to-date TomTom maps, but my credit card (which works everywhere) is refused.
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  • today I was able to buy the TomTom maps for Europe, normal vehicle.
    I redo a search for "Paris", it finds it after about 7 minutes...

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