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  • With the new version and the new cards I notice the the system creates a lot of bleu dot's with a P in it on parking places (if you turn on to show all POI's) instead of 1 for the whole parking area. It makes the card unreadable and slow with loading. For example take a look at parking area of a IKEA store.
    Can this repaired at the next update?

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  • Hi Pidie,

    seems to me in some places someone has marked every single reserved position for a bicycle or a car as a seperate parking lot - there you have a lot of blue dots (as much as you can put vehicles there). In most areas I have "normal" situation - one blue dot (or maybe two or three) on a parking lot for hundreds of cars, but in some places I see 8 blue P circled around a street crossing - on I find 8 P with a bicycle symbol aside there.

    As MFN can't show different signs for car park and bike park postions, we have a lot of blue dots there ...

    Regards ...

  • O.K. but the IKEA Groningen Netherlands is changed 4 years ago. I found a mark for the whole parking lot:, also 4 years ago. Is it possible there is something chanced in MF?

  • Same at P+R Hoogkerkerplein - and there are a lot of red marks also. I have seen these red marks on french map in MFN only with ID-Number and no explanation.
    Found a few more of those "multiP"-Spaces in Utrecht and Amsterdam and a small one at Korthover Weg in Essen. On OpenStreetMap you can see there, that every postion is marked with its outline - and the same is around IKEA Groningen, when you zoom to max. Someone has marked every single "box" as a parking lot. Could be very difficult for programmers, to keep the software from putting lots of blue Ps there and stil have one P for the complete lot.

    Sometimes OSM contributors are doing too much ...

    TomTom is collaborating with OSM - and they need to know, how many cars can be parking there to advise free spaces in their online-services. Maybe it is for that.

    Regards ...
  • Just made a check with a WinCE device.
    Version 22.1.0 with maps updated August 2022 - ok
    Version 22.2.0 with maps updated August 2022 - ok
    Version 22.2.0 with maps updated January 2023 - too many blue Ps in some places.
    So it's a change within the maps, and I wonder how developers should "repair" ...

    Second check with another device.
    Version 22.0.1 - old maps ok, actual maps with hundreds of blue dots at IKEA Groningen.

    Regards ...
  • I think thy changed a parameter to create the maps form OSM

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