Feature request concerning route simulating
  • Hi folks,

    Simulating routes in MF is a very convenient thing, but quite annoying when used with a longer route because play can only be started at the starting point of the route. So, if You want to test routing near the end of a route You have to wait ... and wait ..., even with playing speed increased to max.

    So, a veeery big feature request is starting route simulation from any point of the route. My idea is setting something like a waypoint on the calculated route displayed on the map by tapping it and then hit play. Maybe combined with a hint for the case You didn't set the point exactly on the route.

    What do You guys think about my idea? Is there a chance of this feature to be implemented?
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  • All devs on holiday .... ?
  • we are very busy at the moment, do not expect anything soon
  • I wish You a succesful work then ....
  • Considering how busy we are right now, I wish you success in your work. 

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