Spurious legs beyond waypoints in route
  • On version 7.2.23, I have just created a route with three waypoints.  MN found a sensible route via these waypoints to the destination, but added a spurious leg to an unrequested point beyond each of two waypoints  This persisted after I restarted my updated Android 12 phone.

    Now that I am aware of these spurious legs, I expect I could have simply ignored them and relied on MN to automatically update the route on-the-fly.  But the only way I can remove this clutter to show the route to my passenger is to disable a link on the way to each unrequested point just beyond the relevant waypoint.

    Seems like a Navigator issue rather than a mapping issue.  Any ideas?
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  • please email support with coordinates for departure, destination and any waypoint
    we will look at it

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