Mapfactor 7.2.23 - how to adapt old POIs?
  • I've bought a new phone - it has Android 10 in it, and I've installed the latest Mapfactor - version 7.2.23 - from the Google Play Store.
    I want to adapt the old POI, but I can't find the favourites.xml file anywhere to replace it with the one from the old phone. I click: /Android --> data --> com.mapfactor.navigator --> files , but it is empty there.  I manually entered 2 POIs, but it didn't change anything - the favourites.xml file is still not there. Please help with the topic
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  • Go to the Settings/Advanced/Backup and reset menu. Set up and designate a local folder that you can access and specify that as the Local Backup Folder. Perform a Backup and make sure you have the 'Favorite Places' checked. Go to your backup folder and replace or modify the favorites.xml located there. Then do a Restore. That gets it into Navigator. (I suspect this process was created to prevent corruption in Android data folders.) You can do the same with any .mca files you may have created for POIs.
  • I found no way with the internal function to backup or restore mca files. Could You exactly describe Your approach?
  • Backup not, but restore. Einstellungen> Kartenmanager> Kartendaten importieren
    Sorry, i have this only in german and translation is not so easy.
  • Yeah, got it! Didn't know this in combination with digger files, thx a lot!

    Btw, You can also sprech Deutsch mit me, I'm from Augsburg ;)

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