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  • Hello,
    I created a route with intermediate stops in different towns, where I'm going to stop for some hours. During this stops I would like to stop the Navigator App to save battery.
    How do I have to proceed to guarantee that after starting the Navigator App again, the navigation continues the route at the actual stop, without returning to the previous intermediate stops?

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  • I have essentially the same question: How does one "pick up" a route, after having stopped navigation, from the location one is currently at (which is on the calculated route, but not necessarily a waypoint)?

    (Navigator 7.2.23 Free w/ OSM maps, on Android 12)

    BTW, since this is my first post: From what I have seen so far, Navigator seems to be a great piece of SW - and thanks for providing a free version of it!

  • OK, maybe answering my own question:

    What one can probably do, after stopping/pausing navigation somewhere on a route is, to edit the route, delete the starting point & all waypoints already passed, set the current position as the new starting point, re-calculate the route, and go from there.

    That way of doing it can surely not be called 'elegant,' but probably 'practical.'

    Having said that, I still don't quite get why the SW can't figure out all by itself, that I am at a certain point on a route, and (re-) start navigating from there. But, maybe I'm missing something, I usually do.

  • I also do what QuRace does in order to pick a route after Stopping Navigation but is there not an easier way?

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