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    In the german translation of Vehicle type - Road Restrictions the items "Toll Road", "Charge Road" and "Congestion Charge" are translated a little bit confusing as "Mautstraßen erlaubt", "Mautstraßen erlaubt" and "Zentrum erlaubt", see attached screenshot.

    In the Android version these phrases are correctly translated as "Mautstraße", "Vignettenpflichtige Straße" and "City-Maut". Is it possible to apply this translation into the PC version?

    By the way: How does MFN with OSM maps evaluate the setting "Charge Road" ("Vignettenpflichtige Straße")? Which OSM tags are used for this?
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  • To answer my own question (how does MFN with OSM maps evaluate the setting "Charge Road"): As far as I found out there is up until now no way to tag ""Charge Road" ("Vignettenpflichtige Straße") in OSM.

    So I think it would help avoid confusion if this option was not shown when using OSM maps.
  • In German there are also two types of "Hauptstraße" ("Primary Road" and "Major Road"). Best is to ignore that without being confused.

    Regards ...

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