Exit numbers and a few other questions
  • I recently downloaded Navigator Free (21) for windows. I use a tablet with win10. I am using the North America map, OSM.
    I want to make custom routes with Navigator.

    When I zoom in on an exit of an interstate, there are no exit numbers. I noticed in the itinerary it does mention exit number. Is there a way to show exit numbers on the map, or would buying pro open this feature? Would it be in the TOM TOM map?

    When I go off the route, Is there a way to turn off (or make the app ask) to redirect,  instead of auto redirecting me?

    Sometimes roads are double signed. ie: 2 or more roads share the same section of road. Can I choose which road Navigator shows and/or displays and uses for the voice turns for that segment?
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  • I looked at I-71 S near Norwood, Ohio and I can see junction numbers 5, 6, 7, 8... in TomTom maps
    I cannot see them in OSM

    you can switch off auto recalculation in setting > navigation

    you cannot choose road name Navigator shows
  • Thank you so much
  • If I look in OSM I do see them. Also in several OSM based Nav apps
  • hvdwolf. Are you using the windows based software or? Could it be due to different platforms?
  • I only use Android, but I don't think that makes a diference in the maps. Maybe in the program, I don't know.
    I first checked on the (Linux) laptop in OpenStreetMap.org to see if the exit numbers were there.
    Then I checked my phone for the two apps I use, and they had the exit numbers.
    I used to be an intensive and (relatively) long user of MNF and have it still on my phone, but hardly use it anymore.
  • @hvdwolf What is the app, you use primarily now?

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