Navigation of mini-roundabouts
  • Hi, I have recently started trying out Navigator. I particularly like the flexible route options.
    I have a question about mini roundabouts. I have noticed that Navigator does not seem to give instructions when approaching them in the same way that it does for normal roundabouts. For example, at a mini-roundabout where you take the second exit, it just says "bear right". When approaching from the opposite direction it gives no instructions at all ie it seems to be treating the mini roundabout as a junction where another road is joining the major road which I'm on.
    I am using the openstreetmaps. Is there an option to make instructions at mini roundabouts more verbose?
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  • Are you sure, that OSM data have a roundabout there an not an ordinary junction?
  • I'm pretty sure, it is reported as mini-roundabout #134508 when I query it. I have noticed this behaviour with other mini-roundabouts too

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