Auto switching between night and day mode doesn't work or is very slow
  • Hi,
    at my Lenovo TAB8 (TB-8505SX, Android10) the auto switching between day- and night-mode is not working proberly. 

    When I have switched off the unit in night mode and switch it on the next day (long before sunset) sometimes it doesn't switch to day-mode, sometimes it takes a very long time (up to 15 or 20 minutes).

    The Tablet has a very sensitive GNSS reveiver so that it has a 3D-fix a few seconds after switching the power on or starting Navigator. 

    The switching time from night to day mode is not the big problem, but when I start by night and navigator shows the day mode it's really annoying because the display is very bright and dazzles. :-(

    Is there any soloution?


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  • short additional information:

    The MN-version is shown as 7.0.76 arm64v8a
  • Hi,
    You can add an icon to switch from day to night and vice versa.
    You click on the map, a list of icons appears, you keep pressed on the icon "modify the segment" then at the top you choose the icon "day / night"
    then, a simple click on the map and you switch from day to night
    That's what I do ;)
  • There is indeed something going wrong with day and night mode. I modified the panel with the mode switch as described, but whatever option on/off/automatic is set in the settings, the switch in the panel is showing no reaction until a restart of the app.
  • Hi Mac and Highlander,

    thanks for your answers.

    It might be work with seperate icons, but there is a selectable function that should switch automatical, so why shall I install any icons for that?
    So it's a bug in the app when ist doesn't work and it's my opinion, that it's the job of the MF-Team to solve that problem.

  • Don't know whether it's the new version, but manual switching is now fine when global GPS is switched on
  • Just testet today after update... 5 (in words: five(!) ) minutes until the Navigator switches automatical from night mode to day mode.
  • Did You use the appropriate option in the settings or the switch of the panel? I used the last one ...
  • I used the "Auto" setting in "Nightmode" section because I think, when there is such an option someone has to make it work. "Working-sometimes-features" and "working-only-in-?" like this lazy auto switching or the autozoom in 2D or the missing speed signs in map mode are worthless and worsens the overall impression considerably.
  • I understand, normally it wouldn't hurt that much - until you dive into a tunnel ... in this case a quick reaction is required.
  • Tunnels arew classified in OSM so it should be possible to switch to night mode automatical.
    My old Navigon did that already more than 10 years ago! :-) And also in the country of tunnels (Norway) it switches very quick and perfect. (without using OSM maps)

  • Hm, GPS often dies in tunnels, so Your device will not know when You will leave it. Any precalculation will fail if You for example stop in the tunnel.

    Cell phones have many functions which are driven by its camera or a dedicated sensor having a permanent glimpse at the brightness around it. Don't know which function the automatic day/night mode switch of MFN is based on, but if I were a developer I surely would try to prefer the resources of the phone itself, be it a cam or a sensor.

    My BMW Navigator 6 also uses a brightness sensor to drive day/night mode when not connected to the bike. That simply works quick and perfect.

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