Auto switching between night and day mode doesn't work or is very slow
  • Hi,
    at my Lenovo TAB8 (TB-8505SX, Android10) the auto switching between day- and night-mode is not working proberly. 

    When I have switched off the unit in night mode and switch it on the next day (long before sunset) sometimes it doesn't switch to day-mode, sometimes it takes a very long time (up to 15 or 20 minutes).

    The Tablet has a very sensitive GNSS reveiver so that it has a 3D-fix a few seconds after switching the power on or starting Navigator. 

    The switching time from night to day mode is not the big problem, but when I start by night and navigator shows the day mode it's really annoying because the display is very bright and dazzles. :-(

    Is there any soloution?


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  • short additional information:

    The MN-version is shown as 7.0.76 arm64v8a
  • Hi,
    You can add an icon to switch from day to night and vice versa.
    You click on the map, a list of icons appears, you keep pressed on the icon "modify the segment" then at the top you choose the icon "day / night"
    then, a simple click on the map and you switch from day to night
    That's what I do ;)
  • There is indeed something going wrong with day and night mode. I modified the panel with the mode switch as described, but whatever option on/off/automatic is set in the settings, the switch in the panel is showing no reaction until a restart of the app.
  • Hi Mac and Highlander,

    thanks for your answers.

    It might be work with seperate icons, but there is a selectable function that should switch automatical, so why shall I install any icons for that?
    So it's a bug in the app when ist doesn't work and it's my opinion, that it's the job of the MF-Team to solve that problem.


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