Rivers not showing correctly
  • Looking at the issues back in 2017 regarding from

    The river "IJssel" in The Netherlands, nearby "Zwolle" is drawn as
    thin line. Other rivers like the "Vecht" also nearby "Zwolle" are drawn
    in a normal way.
    The river is normally drawn on www.openstreetmap.nl and in Osmand. So it is not a mistake in osm.

    I made two almost similar screendumps that shows the ferry on the "IJssel" (lon: 6,125 lat: 52,392)
    the first screendump is made from mapfactor navigator: shows the 'line'
    the second screendump is made from osmand: shows the 'river'

    Is this the result of a setting or is there a fault in the mapfactor map????

    see images at: https://imgur.com/a/0KfIZ

    I still have this issue with some of the rivers in the UK river Thames for example, I have updated to latest version of maps and app (android) does any one know a fix.?
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  • please wait for the next map release

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