river not drawn properly
  • The river "IJssel" in The Netherlands, nearby "Zwolle" is drawn as thin line. Other rivers like the "Vecht" also nearby "Zwolle" are drawn in a normal way.
    The river is normally drawn on www.openstreetmap.nl and in Osmand. So it is not a mistake in osm.

    I made two almost similar screendumps that shows the ferry on the "IJssel" (lon: 6,125 lat: 52,392)
    the first screendump is made from mapfactor navigator: shows the 'line'
    the second screendump is made from osmand: shows the 'river'

    Is this the result of a setting or is there a fault in the mapfactor map????

    see images at: https://imgur.com/a/0KfIZ
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  • It looks like the database OpenStreetMap. If there a river is just gathered as a simple line to mark the middle of the river and the riverbank is not gathered extra by its own you just see this small line. So it seems to be not MFN.
  • That was my first thought also. That is why I checked Openstreetmap and Osmand.

    The river is properly drawn in Openstreetmap and Osmand. 
    So this must be an MFN issue not an OSM issue.
  • image

    OSM editing view. Looks that @mes is right.
  • We had the same some 2-3 years back with a German river, but as I forgot the name of it I can't find it back (which also makes it hard to prove).
    As far as I can remember it had something to do with the multi-polygon crossing country borders or region borders, or map borders (in the way that the mnf maps are created).
    The last option can't be true though for the ijssel as it is all within the same country and within the same province.

    (I can drive to it tomorrow to see if it looks OK from the Wijhe side of the river :) )
  • @hvdwolf
    I think we are living in the same area, nearby Zwolle.

    The river IJssel is border of the provinces "Gelderland"and "Overijsel" between the places Deventer and Zwolle. So your suggestion could be the cause of the problem. Sounds logical to me

  • The general problem with polygons vs borders is that polygon belongs to only one MCA (to one where is polygon's geometrical center). Then it is problem with splitted countries or polygons on borders (it can happen that polygon's area is unexpectably big - then it can be also quite far from borders).
  • mes is right and I didn't think it through well enough. The ijssel is indeed the border of 2 provinces between Deventer and Zwolle, but it is a thin line over its entire length where it starts in Gelderland.

    The ijssel also starts completetely within the Dutch borders, so completely within one MCA. It splits off off the Rijn between Arnhem and Westervoort. Although those cities are relatively close to the border, the ijssel lies definitely completely within Nederland.
  • This conversation is starting to be too technical for me.
    I hope this problem can be fixed!!
  • I forwarded this conversation to @Nigel, only he can do something with it
  • it's fixed!!!!!
    In the last map of  The Netherlands version: 44-201710120 the river is drawn as it should be.


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