Corsica Map OSM(France) error - Road Trip Bikers
  • Hi Tomas,

    I am organizing a road trip in Corsica for 30 Bikers with Navigator as Gps.
    Gpx trips are finished.
    But impossible to import Gpx with Navigator and I found the problem:

    5 road segments have been set to "as destination" instead of "yes" for motor vehicles.
    I made the correction on OSM and the map of Corsica will be OK on the next update.

    But the problem is, the Bikers are leaving next week.
    Can you modify the 5 segments manually ?
    or can you update the Corsica map from today ?

    The segments are:

    Thank you so much,

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  • you cannot change this, but route is found when I place waypoint at 41.82547/8.739397
  • Yes, Tomas, I also tried to change the starting point.

    But the bikers load the route at the coordinates: 41.92547 8.739397

    So Navigator will tell them "route not found" and not start navigation.

    If I change the starting point of the Gpx file to coordinates 41.92547 / 8.739397
    when they load the route, Navigator will take their position as the starting point, so Navigator will not work.
  • I suggested additional waypoint, not changing departure
  • Great, it works!
    Thank you very much Tomas ;)

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