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  • Hi,
    I just wanted to ask, if and when the maps will be updated. Germany for example is now over 6 months old.
    Is there a way to compile my own maps from OSM data?
    Best regards
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  • yes, it will be soon
  • yes, this is return to older maps while we are fixing problem with last release
  • maps of Germany are being processed now, please be patient
  • If @west2107 would have not posted this, I would not  have noticed, that German maps now are separated by Bundesländer. If you download Thuringia, you will find B 7 as it should be!
    My question now is, what happens to the old maps, if I download the new ones? It seems that they are gone? So if I download one Bundesland as new map, all other German maps of old regions are deleted?
  • There are numerous topics on map updates.

    .mca is a proprietary format for mapfactor map files. Until now, they do not share this knowledge to the public. That means, there is no way to compile your own files.

    I accept this at it is. They deliver a free software, so I accept, that I have to use their mapfiles.
  • we had to restructure our processes due to significant increase in map data
    but map updates are now being released, please be patient
  • No news? The same as for Italy, map is now 8 months old!
  • half of Germany was release two days ago, updates are now being released
  • Hallo,

    the new german East-Map-Update shows no woodland. The area-class has the same color
    as the map-background.

  • Is it planned to release a new Italy map? It is now more than 9 month old.
  • Hi,
    Today I downloaded the latest version of the Germany map (version 20210907). However, this map seems to be based on old data that is at least 2 months old.
    Is this normal or a bug?

    For example:
    There is a construction site for a new bridge here. The construction site and the "detour highway" was mapped at the beginning of July.
  • @tomas
    Are you fixing the missing forests and missing areas like residential areas? For Germany maps not all are missing, but many. And if yes, when are updates planned?
    With the current maps, Navigator is in some parts unusable. :(
  • Thanks, sounds very good!
  • The new update looks very good, no missing parts so far. Now waiting for other countries like France. But don't hurry, it's good to know hat you got the problems solved. :)
  • The new East-german Map  has a very old Data base.
    The little location TĂĽttleben was cross from the Street B7.
    The new redrection of the B7 was opened in juni 2020! In OSM is the new course
    accurate, but the map shows the old direction of B7.

  • lates map of Germany does have B7 bypass
  • yes, you cannot mix new and old regions

  • Hi,

    PC navigator still has four maps of Germany and no update available - will there be a new program version (current version is 20.3.5) or will the maps be updated for this version?

    Thanks and regards ...
  • @rogergatsky
    You may not use the update feature, but the install feature. There you can select the new maps. After that you can delete the old 4 maps manually. Same for Italy.
  • I' m use the Map:  g e r m a n y _ o s m _ e a s t   v e r s i o n   2021091005, downloaded on 18.09.2021.
    I think, this is for one Update of OSM-Maps very, very old. The greates Producer are faster!

  • Germany east is not the latest map, please update
  • The "new" Germany-Maps don't work with the PDA-Version and Map-Explorer.
  • Thanks, Quarks - I had checked for a new program version to install, but not for map installation. Germany and Italy renewed and working fine - on PC and on WinCE device.

    Regards ...
  • You're welcome! :)
  • Thank you quarks, without your advice I would have continued driving with my old maps for the next few years and would be annoyed about the missing updates.
  • The Map-Explorer works(not good) now. Its was hard, here my solution:
    Remove de PC-Programm an new Installation Version20.3.51.
    1.Downlod the Swiss-OSM-Map. Start the Map-Explorer.
    2.Open the map and close the Map-Explorer.
    3.After them, download Germany-OSM all parts. It works.

    If you download only the Germany-Maps then Map-Explorer shows a Mesage-Box "No Licence for this map".
    The Map-Explorer V20.3.5.1 don't shows imported POI's in the Map. This is the most important funktion for me. So it is unusable for me.

    The Map-Expolorer works with my workflow only with the French-Maps. It shows the POI are
    not the new Maps for Italy and Germany.
    The last Germay-Map from 18.09.2021 with 4 Parts works here, but she has a very old OSM-database.

    The PDA-Version works not with the new Maps also French.
    I use Mapfactor since v10. I know it is free, but this is also so far from a professianal product.

  • I've recently worked out that the older versions (Germany north, east etc.) had been deleted from my maps in Android & unticked in the map manager. When ticking Germany the new maps are downloaded. This also applied to Italy, the single map being replaced by regional maps.

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