Update of OSM Maps
  • Hi,
    I just wanted to ask, if and when the maps will be updated. Germany for example is now over 6 months old.
    Is there a way to compile my own maps from OSM data?
    Best regards
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  • There are numerous topics on map updates.

    .mca is a proprietary format for mapfactor map files. Until now, they do not share this knowledge to the public. That means, there is no way to compile your own files.

    I accept this at it is. They deliver a free software, so I accept, that I have to use their mapfiles.
  • we had to restructure our processes due to significant increase in map data
    but map updates are now being released, please be patient
  • No news? The same as for Italy, map is now 8 months old!
  • half of Germany was release two days ago, updates are now being released
  • Hallo,

    the new german East-Map-Update shows no woodland. The area-class has the same color
    as the map-background.

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