Android audio - Select the Bluetooth device for notifications
  • Hi,
    On my motorbike, I use a "Coolstream CarPro" receiver for the motorbike's sound system (speakers)
    and a "Cardo G4" Intercom receiver on my headset.
    The 2 bluetooth devices are connected to my android 8.0.0 smartphone
    I can't share the audio properly:
    Music on the "Coolstream CarPro" for the motorcycle's sound system
    and Navigator notifications only in my headset on the Intercom "Cardo G4"
    Do you have an idea ?
    Good weekend to all
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  • Maybe it works on Android 8 already using the Split screen and select the fitting bluetooth connection for each screen/app...
    Otherwise appcloner or something like it?

  • Hi Leo,
    i don't have the split screen on my unrooted android.
    it would be necessary that from Navigator, in the Sound menu, there is an access to the device to be chosen for the bluetooth notifications.
  • Hi,
    However, I should not have a problem with my Bluetooth configuration as it is configured on each device.
    Unless Navigator is using the wrong audio channel ....
    currently, Navigator notifications are heard on the "carpro" and nothing on the "scala"
    An image of my configurations:
  • Hi Thomas,
    Navigator uses which bluetooth channel?
    If Navigator uses Multimedia, I cannot separate music and notifications
    If so, is it possible to add a choice of channel in the bluetooth settings for notifications?
    - Multimedia channel
    - Notifications channel
    Thank you.
  • Hi Denis,

    Use Navigator Settings/Advanced/Sound output channel/Use custom volume - that should use notifcation channel if I remember it correctly.
  • Hi Lubos,
    thanks I will try ;)
  • :(
    custom volume puts notifications in the phone speaker, so I can't hear.
    If I put the setting on bluetooth, at the first notification, Navigator moves the music sound from the motorcycle speakers to the helmet with a very low volume.
    At the end of the route, Navigator moves the sound of the music to the motorcycle's speakers with a very, very low sound.
    I have to quit Navigator to find the normal volume of music on the motorcycle's speakers.
  • I am afraid that this cannot be solved because bluetooth messages are transfered over channel "call" and there is no better to do that.
  • In the Bluetooth settings, there are 3 possibilities, right !?
    - Calls and Notifications
    - Multimedia
    - Contact sharing
    So it should be possible to pass Navigator's "Notifications" to the "Notification" channel with calls.
    And the "Multimedia" Music in the "Multimedia" channel.
    Currently, everything is going to the Multimedia channel ...
  • That is for bluetooth A2DP protocol, you cannot use it together with radio music. Navigator uses bluetooth SCO (it simulates a call on every instruction) - that way it interrupts music, say navigation instruction and resume the music...
  • We completely rebuild sound management to fit new Android API ready for the navigation instruction channel. No need of call simulations anymore. Give it a try in the new version. Some changes may happen in the code lately, but I hope it does get better. We tried to reduce "cutting off" the beginning of the first voice navigation instruction recently when connected to Bluetooth speaker with A2DP protocol, hope our solution's gonna work.

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