Version 6.0.157arm64-v8a Bug. I have both tom tom & open maps installed.
  • When running the beta, everything was ok. Now when I go to the map and press to put a way point in. The bottom of the screen shows the following buttons....    NAVIGATE      WAYPOINT      WAYPOINT   DEPARTURE    ADD FAVORITE    EDIT LINK     FIND NEAREST        INFO.  I repeat there is no destination button on that screen.

    There is now way on the map screen to select the point as the destination. I had to name and save the point, the go to my places select it and then on that screen select it as a destination to end the route.    Also since the new version, even though there are route waypoints  it seems that the programs wants to take shortcuts instead of following the waypoint routing.
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  • toolbar is configurable, press one tool for 2s and select what to see

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