Android internal and external memory usage
  • Hello,
    I use Mapfactor Free for a long time und I'm still fascinated.

    But one problem drives me nuts (also in the latest 6.0.131 version)

    Because my phone memory isn't so large, I decided to put the maps on external SD-card while installation.
    But when I look to the memory usage on internal memory in android settings it reports 1.6 Gbyte of data.
    When I delete a Mapfile from !external! SD-Card, then the internal memory usage of Mapnavigator decreases.
    Is this  a bug of MapNavigator? (does each app report its memory usage to android) or is this a bug of Android.

    The problem is, that my Phone reports "low on memory". But there is 1,60 GByte of free internal memory (I checked it in filemanager). Mapnavigator  doesn't uses as much memory on internal chip as reported.

    Or is there another way to avoid this problem. (without buying a new phone)

    Thank you.
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  • you would need to send logs (settings/advanced)
  • OK, Ill do so, Thank you

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