A bycicle cannot go through the Node: Muehlentor (2644214941)
  • MapFactor Navigator for Android, Version 5.5 from Mar 5, 2020
    does not whant to navigate through the Muehlentor (https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2644214941), even though it is labeled with "bicycle:yes" and was last changed on May, 28, 2019 on the OpenStreetMap website.

    I use the latest Germany East OSM map version 44-202004100.

    Navigation from (52.39680, 13.08411) to (52.39686, 13.08411) goes straight and takes 7 meters for both "Bicycle (OSRM)" and "Bicycle (GraphHopper)" on the OpenStreetMap website, but for the MapFactor Navigator the way is 1 km long and it goes over the Muehlenstrasse around.

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