Urban speed bug in Vehicle Profile.
  • Hi Tomas, Stepan,

    In Vehicle Profile, the urban speed is not used in the route calculation. 
    Only extra-urban speed is used.
    The city streets(minor or major or others) are considered to be outside the city.
    If you change the urban speed, there is no change of route in city.
    If you change the extra-urban speed, there is a change of route even in city.
    Please watch the problem.

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  • please give example
  • Hi Tomas,

    Exemple :
  • Another example  :
  • I looked at your first example - it works as it should, but you need to reduce speed for Local connecting road
  • please give example
  • Local connecting road is Route Departmentale Pricipale in your screenshots
  • The speed limits are reversed for the calculation !
    If I decrease the speed in the city, it is to avoid the city and favor the outside of the city, because it is faster than crossing the city.
    And there, the opposite occurs, even with the "Local connecting road"
    And Optimisation Mode is "Fastest"

  • with default car settings, reducing urban speed for local road of high importance and local road, I get route via Route de Saumur
    so I think there is some other settings in your profile, possibly preferences?
  • No, i use Default car setting....
    Give me the values ​​you put or a screenshot would be good for testing.
  • I am convinced that the speed limits are reversed for the calculation, looking at the limits inside and outside the city and the calculated routes.
    Even if you reduce the speed in the city, as you tell me, there is a problem, isn't it !?

  • Defaut Car setting with urban speed limite 30 km/h
  • The problems result from the fact that MFN incorrectly treats urban roads as extra-urban roads, as is so often the case.

    In the examples of @MacDony, all roads, even those in the middle of the villages, are treated as extra-urban.

    @Tomas, @Stepan, how does Navigator decide whether a road is urban or extra-urban?
  • sorry, I just realised I did not have default car settings
    with default car settings I get the same result as you

    however, reducing speed works, as 280s is route time with default and 295s when speed is reduced
    295s is still faster the going around

    it could be problem at our end with map production, or with OSM map data
    I will pass it on to developers to look at
  • Hi,
    I changed the Urban and Extra-Urban speeds to see if there were differences with fast speeds.
    And I noticed something.
    I do tests and I tell you again.
  • Delfin is right,
    All the OSM roads I tested are treated as Extra-Urban.
    To temporarily correct this problem, I put these settings that work on most trips.

  • Hi all,
    We know that Navigator does not use the "Urban road" settings.
    So logically, if I set the "Urban road" parameters to "0" that should not change the calculation of a route!
    But this is not the case .... the calculation is totally different ?!
    Any idea why?
  • in order that road is considered urban it must be in urban area
    unfortunately urban areas are frequently not covering road links in OSM

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