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    I am in the process of changing the smartphone and since these are from different companies, there is no tool to make the transition easy. I can copy some stuff easily with some tools, but most apps' data remains uncopied, and among them is mapfactor navigator. I have found the following location: sdcard/data/com.mapfactor.navigator

    Within this location I found a data subfolder 4 times, each of which contain the complete set of maps. This is a huge amount of storage wasted, hence I would like to know which one is actually used by the navigator in order to remove the remainder. I have the following:
    • data
    • files/data
    • files/navigator/data
    • navigator/data
    Also other folders are there in duplicates, which I would like to get rid of, but that may be done after I know which data-folder is the right one. UIn one message I read that the files folder is the appropriate one, but within that I still have two "data"-folders. Any ideas?

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  • In an Android installation the navigator file structure is usually under
    There under data are by default the maps
    Once and only once.

    This file structure can be on the sdcard or the internal memory depending on your choice.

    The other duplicates you probably installed yourself on purpose or by accident


  • Thank you for your quick reply. It was definitely by accident, then, because I can't remember having done anything like that at all.

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