Voice guidance messages cut in Navigator FREE on WinCE
  • Hello,
    I need help on settings for navigation voices.

    On my car navigation all voice messages are heard like initial second or two for each message was missing.
    As example - instead of "turn right" I hear only ".. right".

    I have tested in different languages - the "recorded" ones are all suffering the same. However, the "synthetised" speech is less impacted - but  it is hard to understand for me, so I would prefer to use recorded version.

    It looks like on my device the voice files are played "too early" - before the voice control is given to the navigation software.
    Could anyone sugest if there is ony option that may instruct Navigator to "delay" the playback of message? I was searching around the Forum and the help files available, but with no success.

    I use latest version of Navigator FREE 19.1.4 and my device is Blaupunkt car audio on WinCE6

    Thanks in advance for any hints!
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  • This was an issue also in Android some time ago. It has improved there. I understand that, WinCE (Windows) has not such a priority because there are not so many users of this OS.
  • When talking for Android and Android head units in cars, your "conclusion": "It looks like on my device the voice files are played "too early" - before the voice control is given to the navigation software."
    It takes some milliseconds to switch to and "open" the media channel. I guess your WinCE car head unit does not behave differently as an Android car head unit (I have one).
    This works differently on a phone as in a car head unit as in a car head unit, the amplifier and audio output are actually not part of the WinCE/Android device (as in a phone or tablet).
    If your WinCE Navigator supports "audio via Bluetooth", you might try that. BT also takes some milliseconds to build up a connection with "another" device. Maybe Navigator for WinCE also uses that delay.
  • Thanks for comments. If there was a similar issue resolved on Android - this may sound like asking for ading same fix for WinCE as well...
    In the meantime I kept searching and identified in settings.xml a parameter called "silence_before_sound".
    However, trying to set it to some random values does not seem to have effect..

    @hvdwolf: Not sure what action with bluetooth you suggest. My device is a Win-CE based car all-in-one unit (2-din radio with 6 inch screen), where I run the navigation software. AFAIK it can receive bluetooth, but not send it out. And I want Navigator to run on this device, not my phone.
  • I know that you have that all-in-one unit. That is exactly what I described. Even if you have such a unit and Navigator for WinCE has an option like "audio via bluetooth" that might help.
    Of course the audio will still come from navigator on your unit, via the audio of your unit: that doesn't change. 
    The only difference "might be" that this functionality will insert "some" milliseconds pause before doing the announcement.
  • Thanks for the explanation, got it and tried diabling bluetooth - makes no difference.
    Also played a bit with different random setting of the parameter I mentioned earlier. Definitely it makes some difference to the application - negative value makes some error (system pop-up apperars) and any value more than 10 causes the voice to disappear completely :-/ Anything else - does not make noticeable difference.
    Still I am not giving up - maybe some idea comes...
  • I have the same problem feeding voice guidance messages into a Sena equipped helmet. The messages are being truncated or cut.

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