How does bypassing of traffic jams work in MapFactor?
  • I know how bypassing of traffic jams works in TT: It considers all HD traffic information in a radius of +- 70 km. Depending on the setting chosen by the user (1) Always stick to the route, (2) Ask when a faster route has been found, (3) Automatically switch to faster router, it will behave accordingly.
    I've read the entire manual of MapFactor but could not find any information about this topic. Also, I cannot find settings/options for traffic jam avoidance as mentioned above. So I'd like to ask: How does this work in MapFactor? (When using TT HD traffic in MapFactor).
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  • @hvdwolf : While continuing trying to find the answer myself, I just found 1 message from you about this tópic at another place, from May 2017. "If Navigator finds a faster route based on the traffic information, it will automatically switch to that route without even notifying the user."  Is this still the same?
  • Nobody? Condensing it to a simple yes/no question:
    I'd need MapFactor to show and ask for confirmation/rejection before it switches to a faster route based on HD traffic. (When it just switches automatically, even unnoticable to the user, it would be useless for me). Is this possible in MapFactor?
  • no, but it is being considered

  • Thanks for your reply. What a pity. But I don't want to be sent right into the center of a big town without preceding approval when there is some traffic jam on the highway around it.
  • @tomas : To finalize this, I just would like to give just 1 example why I cannot use an app for navigation that does not ask before it switches to an alternative route (and I guess I'm not the only driver with this):

    I live in the region Brussels - Antwerp - Ghent. The "ring" highways around these cities suffer from lots of traffic jams every day. But leaving them and taking an alternative route which e.g. is 15 minutes faster but leads through the inner center of these towns mostly is a horrible nightmare (or even impossible because of the current diesel hysteria resulting in inner city areas where driving with a diesel vehicle is forbidden now, etc.) So an app that just silently switches to alternative routes without asking for confirmation first cannot be used.
  • @Tomas
    This question is now 1½-2 years old. For me it was the reason to switch to another nav app although I still like (and want) navigator (and keep coming back to this forum: you never know).

    The app should ALWAYS ask what you want.
    There should be a setting like:
    1. Preference for current route
    2. Preference for calculated faster route
    3. Disabled
    And when it detects a traffic jam with alternate faster route, it should say: "Navigator calculated an alternate route that is xy minutes faster. Do you want to use that one?" And wait like 20 seconds. If the driver selects YES or NO, it is obvious what to do. If the driver doesn't react in 20 seconds (or so), it should use the selected 1st or 2nd setting (and with option 3 it shouldn't do anything of course).

    This is how it works in 9 out of 10 navigation apps (For my work I also drive quite a lot of rental cars, all with builtin navigation units)
  • @Tomas: Just in case you're going to considering it, here is my idea how it should work (very similar to @hvdwolf 's suggestion):

    When traffic obstacle (blocked road/traffic jam) is detected, a notification box should appear in navigation view, as hvdwolf suggests. When you tap on this box, current route (red) and new route (green) are displayed and below there are 2 large buttons in order to confirm / reject the new route and to return to navigation view.
  • thank you everybody, I have already notified developers
    for us it is simply question of priorities, we cannot do all we would like to :-(
  • @Tomas: I fully understand, but had not read anything in the mean time. Or some mention that it was somewhere on the "milestone" list for version x.y.z

    @Itan: If you are in very busy traffic, you do not always have time to react because traffic itself requires your attention.
    Do you want the popup to stay open until the driver reacts? If busy traffic is requiring your attention and there are exits to choose between, the popup might really hinder. A popup showing a red and green route plus buttons, might take quite some screen space.
  • it has been half done for about 12 months, but we had to do other things - now, for example, we have to adopt quite a few things to Android 10
    hopefully we will have more time next year

    anyway, it was designed to show 'old' and 'new' route with some info about detour in distance and time differnces. No interaction, just follow chosen route.
  • @hvdwolf: exactly because of this reason (traffic sometimes requires full attention) I think it is good when the view with current + alternative route only opens when you tap the notification box. So the driver will only tap on the notification and look at/decide about the alternative route when traffic situation permits this. And then it is only a second tap to approve the new route or to quickly return to navigation view and continue with the original route.When the "found faster route" screen (showing current and alternative route) will close automatically after no action has been taken for 10 seconds or so, this would be an additional goodie of course.
  • Sorry, I did not read carefully enough and missed the difference between the notifiation and the popup.
  • @tomas: The only reason for me to abandon Navigator is because of the HD Traffic implementation. I was so enthusiastic when it was announced in 2017, but the fact that it automatically chooses the route is really a deal breaker.

    In your last post you mentioned that it will be worked on in 2020.
    But also "anyway, it was designed to show 'old' and 'new' route with some info about detour in distance and time differnces. No interaction, just follow chosen route."

    I did not read this careful enough. So, what is exactly meant with this? Navigator gives the info but still automatically routes you to the "HD Traffic advised" route? So still no option to choose whether you want to stay on the original route or not?

    If that is true I am not going to wait any longer. Even TomTom themselves give you the option to choose: Either follow the suggested route, or you stay on your old route.
  • the idea is to show both routes, with some info like differnce in time and distance, and user selects which he prefers
  • OK, that's great. the "No interaction" was confusing.

    Any idea on when it will be ready (for beta)?
  • first we reelease version 6, so after that, q2 I hope

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