New voice issue.. Also music navigation issue
  • Hi
    I have been trying to find a data free navigation app for my car, as I don't want to use google maps any more.
    I have tried about 8 so far, and all of them have their pros and cons.
    I installed v5.5 of MF Nav and am really liking it so far, though I have run into a couple of issues,
    When playing music in the car, this app doesn't lower the music a little to give navigation instructions. It is all one level, and you can't hear what is being said, and the other issue is when trying to download a new voice, I really dislike Lotta. The button says Download more voices, but when clicked takes you to the download maps page..
    (added.. At the top of the download maps page there is a Sound link, that's where the voices are, though only 1 other female English sadly)
    Can anyone point me in the right direction? :D



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  • If you use Android try setting your sound output to Google TTS. There is a better choice of voices.

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