Routing through barriers (vehicle)
  • Hi, my Navigator (5.5 on Android) routes through a barrier. It seems to me that there is no information about barriers in maps exported from OSM, is it right?

    Link to osm: - I can not see it on Navigator map and "personal vehicle" profile routes through it. (It is on a small local road, but it is not the issue.)
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  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates
  • Very simple to find using am osm link. It is in Kolodeje near Praha.
  • yes, I tried that and route does not go through the barrier, so I wonder if departure or destination was on the closed road - in that case barrier would be ignored
  • Thank you for your replies! Departure and destination weren't on the closed road.
    Dep: 50:03.7838, 14:38.1488
    Dest: 50:03.7958, 14:38.4661
    I should emphasize, that I have small local roads allowed (without these enabled, it routes correctly).
  • this barrier is not permanent, so it is not easy to establish if it is routable or not
    I am not expert on OSM, but may be it could be attributed differently?
  • But it has an "access no" tag. That should be sufficient to avoid routing cars through it.
  • No OSM expert either, but I think it is tagged correctly:

    access     no
    barrier     swing_gate
    bicycle     yes
    foot     yes

    It means a permanent restriction in access for everyone except by foot or bicycle.
  • does it?
    personally I would read it as gate for cars, access for bicycles and pedestrians
    street view seems to confirm my theory
  •  Yes, it is a gate (a swing gate). It allows access for bicycles and pedestrians, from real life I thought it is always closed (on streetview it is opened indeed). Still I think it is correctly tagged as access = no, as the gate is usually closed and should prevent traffic in narrow, steep residential street marked as dead end street from both sides. (Optionally it could be marked as for residents only or private – I don't know).

    Besides this, if a barrier on a road is marked as "access = no" -> AFAIK Navigator should not route through it (except the case when any routing point is on this road with the barrier).
  • The OSM meaning is no access except for bikes or on foot. Access=no ought to be respected by Navigator.
  • I think we discussed this with programers some years ago
    if I remember correctly, problem was in France, where whole estate was behind barriers and inserting destination on a link with no barrier, behind link with barrier leads to route not found, unless all links in that estate are attributed access=no
  • I now recall that that same problem occurred in England also.

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