Bicycle Profile is completely useless
  • The same problem is still in Android and Windows, many years. It seems there is no solution.


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  • At a first glimpse it looks like Your bicycle profile's settings being wrong. Did You exclude some streets completely?
  • please email support with departure and destination in coordinates
  • This is my bycicle routing from Plau am See to Schwaan using latest official Navigator from Playstore and latest maps (checked this week) on Android 8.1 (Samsung tablet).


    Gruß aus Chemnitz nach Limbach-Oberfrohna!

  • @Oldie: Please start the tour from Limbach-Oberfrohna, it will be different when the tour longer. When i start from the same place i get also the same route. @tomas: please test longer routes. From Chemnitz to 18258 Alte Weide.

  • Matthias is right. That is really strange. On the long distance, Navigator calculates a big detour, on the short distance not.
  • in order to make route calculations fast with limited power of mobile devices you cannot include all links in route calculationon long routes - default limit is 250km and 50,000 links from each waypoint

    to increase this limit you can edit file vehicle_profiles.xml

  • @Matthias: Disable "Small local road" and "Other road" in the road restrictions and the route will be OK.

    "Schwaan, Alte Weide" to "Chemnitz, Town Center" with bicycle:

    "Small local road" and "Other road" enabled --> 449 km, 22:25:00 h

    "Small local road" and "Other road" disabled --> 424 km, 21:10:55 h

    Often same issue with car when "Small local road" is enabled.

  • That looks, as if Navigator confuses enable and disable. One would expect the shorter route, when small roads are enabled!?

    Anyway for a real bycicle routing I would prefer Oruxmaps ( together with BRouter (Playstore; download of specific elevation data from within the app) and maps from The B in BRouter stands for bycicle and considers slope and slope, and this example is even 7 km shorter. All is free as Navigator can be. ;-)


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