Navigator 18.2.3 Windows CE problem
  • There's a problem with using navigator ver 18.2.3 on windows CE 5.0 device, it's seems to work ok on shorter routes, but when i'm trying to add a longer route it hangs on planning route phase
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  • All I can tell you from my experience: here 18.2.3 is the first version I have not been able to run on my CE 5.0 device. Until now all versions were successfully running.
    So to test it I bought a cheap CE 6.0 unit (5€) and to my surprise 18.2.3 was running immediately.

    My conclusion: I give up on CE 5.0


  • i saw a "String Failed" when navigation on my wince device and the whole map went black just a title on top showing "String Failed"
  • Is it a CE5.0 thing or is it a, let's say, memory thing. I have also reinstalled version 17 because 18 quit working every now and then. Mostly with long routes.

  • I have gps with 128mb ram, so it could be memory issue

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