Speed Limits Not Showing Up
  • I am using the Android version of Navigator and I am having troubles with speed limits. When I drive on a major interstate the speed limit shows up on the screen but whenever I am on normal state, county or city streets no speed limit is displayed. In looking at the manual it also appears I should be able to configure for the speed limit to show in one of the bottom information boxes, when I attempt to configure this there are lots of options but speed limit is not one of them. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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  • speed imits are frequently missing in free maps, that is why you cannot see them all the time

    Free maps are created by volunteers at www.openstreetmaps.org - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge. May be you can also contribute?
    You can also buy TomTom maps (Map manager/buy maps).

  • Hi Tomas,

    I have had the a similar problem with OSM-maps... 
    Today I drove through Hamburg on the way to the target I used the navigation mode, speed signs where shown. everything works.

    On the way back fist I used the the "show map only mode"... no speed signs where shown. After half of the way I startet navigation to my home and directly after calculating the route the seep signs whre back at the screen. 

    When I look to the OSM-data, all dtasets for the roads I drove today have a correct speed limit setting in OSM online editor. 

    I think it's important to show the speed signs in the map also in the "show-only-map-mode" and not only in navigation mode.


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