GPS simulation with lost GPS Signal
  • I've recognized when I drive through an area with bad GPS signal and the signal ist temporary lost, the navigation stops at this point. Other navigation apps like Navigon and Sygic simulate the driving with the last known speed and give waypoint directions.
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  • really?
    that could be very misleading
  • When I go through a tunnel, GPS is lost but (eg) Google then displays in grey scale rather than colour and shows a prediction of my position until GPS signal is regained.
  • Navigator also simulates GPS in tunnels
    that assumes that tunnel is properly attributed in map data
  • That is also a point, not all tunnel are marked. I don't think that it'll be misleading, the icon can be the gray icon which is currently used. If the navigation is too far ahead with the simulation and the waypoints you can just ignore it. When the GPS signal is regained the route will be recalculated with the correct instructions.

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