Map Colours and new versions of Navigator for Android
  • Hi,

    in the past year so far there have been (I think) three updates which left all my settings intact - except for the colours, which reverted to the default values.

    To be on the safe side, I recreated my colour setting from scratch each time.

    Was this actually necessary, or was there simply a buglet in the update process on these occasions, so that I could safely have used "Restore settings from local backup > Map colour schemes"?
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  • Hi, the format changed slightly (few new poi icons) and it was more error-safe to rewrite color schemes. The old schemes are stored in the navigator folder and if you open it from mobile file manager then it should reimport.
  • Hi,
    I am not quite sure about your "was more error-safe..."; is it still ok to reuse the old colour schemes?
    Having set "my" colours several times now, it would be no big thing to do it again, as by now it takes me less than 15 minutes to re-create my colour settings.
  • If you use the old color schemes then it can become more unstable. E.g. we split the station into bus-stations and train-stations. The app take a look into the XML and finds no bus-station then on rendering of the POI icon is a problem and due to complexity of Navigator I am not sure if it crashes or if it writes an error into log.

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