Enter HEX color codes in scheme editor
  • Hi,

    it would be great if we could enter a specific HEX code in the color picker of the map scheme editor. I know that it's possible to just enter the HEX codes in the album.style file, but it would be easier to find the part I want to edit in the app's included scheme editor, and it would be more convenient.

    Since the colors are stored as HEX codes in said file anyway, I assume it wouldn't be too hard to include as a feature.

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  • I just implemented it, it will be a part of the Navigator since version 4.0.36+. Anyway Android does not have any nice system hex keyboard also the input is not so comfortable.
  • I cannot find this new feature in 4.0.37.
    I looked at Map Customization -> Edit Color cheme -> Default - Edit scheme But I do not see the possibility to enter Hwx Codes in the line and area sections.

  • it is at the bottom of colour palette
  • I have installed mapfactor in android-x86. The hex-numbers are not visible.
    I installed the app als on my old samsung phone. Here the hex-numbers are visible.
  • checked again on my phone:
    in portrait mode: hex codes are visible
    in landscape mode: hex codes are not visible
  • Don't mind, besides the color hexcode enter field there are more minor issues in landscape mode.

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