Navigator 17 Free doesn't exactly close when user closes program
  • We have been doing some testing of this Great program and have found an issue that we can't figure out.

    If a user closes the program either from the X on windows (10) or from the exit within the application the program looks like it closes but then immediately opens the last screen you were on. When you click on the window it disappears and the application is then closed.

    Has anyone else seen this problem? and how can I get this to stop?
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  • I get the following when closing:

    But I remember times when I had the same behaviour as you do: just got stuck at the last map or whatever. Maybe depending on version.
  • That's a known feature since longtime and it is wanted in this way by Mapfactor.
    That's called "Advertising".
    You cannot stop it, at least as far as I know.

  • But... No Advertising is happening it just shows the last view whether it was on a map or the settings screen.. if it was an add I would Understand
  • You could create a batch file for windows using the taskkill command (use google or the like for howto).

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