Lane Guidance (PLGA) errors — With Tomtom better?
  • A passive lane guidance assistant (p-LGA, PLGA) could do 3 types of mistakes:
    • mt1: the PLGA arrows show confusing/incoherent information or simply wrong information
    • mt2: the PLGA arrows don't show up at all
    • mt3: the PLGA arrows show 2 green arrows (not optimal) instead of the ideal line (racing line, 1 green arrow, optimal)
    I am wondering, is MFN's PLGA generated exclusively from the map data?
    If that's the case, then a lane assistant should do a better job with TomTomMap (TTM) data, because of the professional mapping quality powered by TomTom/TeleAtlas. I certainly can totally trust the navigation produced by my TomTom GO Mobile app.

    What about TTM updates, costs?
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  • yes, lane assistance is generated from map data

    TomTom maps have no expiry date, updates are charged at approx 50%
    you can update any time in the future, no need to do it with every release.
  • Do we know if MF does "better" lane guidance with TomTom maps?
    Let's do 1 simple spot check:
    Coming from the east on Jülicher Straße taking a left onto Heinrichsallee heading south:
  • yes, it is better with TomTom maps
    but I think that it is not wrong with free maps either, it just that straight arrow is to cross B1A -  I have no idea if the next turn left to B1 is missing lane info, or it could be that is not well positioned

    with TT ou get straight on B1A and then left on B1
  • hello tomas i would like to see thanks! :D
  • please email support and mark it for my attention
  • email sent, got your reply.
    now i have seen that MF-TTM vs. MF-OSM produce different sets of PLGA arrows, interesting!
  • Does MF-TTM show the same blue pseudo-signposts at junctions and motorway exits as MF-OSM?
  • TT has more blue signs
  • No way. I must buy!! B-)
  • Tomtom blue signs are very often and set perfectly to original signs.
  • Okay i bought the TomTom map! =P~ My first impressions so far are that the MF-TTM does indeed produce improved car navigation (compared to MF-OSM):
    • more, nicer blue signs
    • PGLA does "no more" errors ^:)^
    • more frequent audio instructions matching the improved PGLA (see mt2)

  • Sometimes MF-TTM says "keep left" or "bear left" for having the driver go straight =D> , at other times i wouldn't agree with the PLGA arrows (or voice guidance):
    caseA1. "carry on straight ahead", better: "turn left (=taking a left at a crossroads)"
    caseA2. "carry on straight ahead", better: "bear left (=making sure to switch to the left lane because it's the left lane which goes straight)"
    caseA3. "carry on straight ahead", better: "keep left (=not switching the initial lane because the lanes to my right will not go straight)". Google Maps even says "then keep left at the fork".

    Maybe the MF-TTM algorithm can be adjusted in such a way that it produces the same PLGA arrows and VG instructions as the TTGM reference does, that would be swell! hehe ;;)
  • And what about MFN's hardly acceptable idiosyncrasy of reflecting the direction arrows off the street...


    ...instead of actually guiding me which lanes/lane to take?

    The purpose of a PLGA is imho to let me know, within a fraction of a second, which lane i should be in at the moment, or, at the very next occasion switch to. When i near a big crossroads and the above PLGA pops up, i get confused within that fraction of a second (visually, conflicting arrows all over the screen, information overload). As a driver i exclusively want and need to know ahead, which lanes(pl.) i could / which lane(sg.) i should take, all other lanes and arrows must be grayed out or stamped with a red cross.

    @tomas any chance or promise that MFN4.0 will stop behaving like this?

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