Greek street names are spelled, not read.
  • This might not be a bug but an user error... I am however using your app for like 8 years now :-)

    The setup is:
    Using polish language as app language and polish tts for reading driving directions. I have set map language to local. I have also installed Greek language tts engine. Now driving all street names are spelled (!), like "kappa sigma alfa...." - pure rubbish. Can it be forced so that street names are actually read? Greek yrs is there to help!?
    Is there a way to set it up or this is a bug?
    Kind regards,
    P.s. btw I have payed for all the extra features to support you guys.
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  • pleasse set map language to local in settings/localisation
  • Tomas, this is what ChrisBpl already wrote he did.

    Chris, the problem is, that your active TTS voice in Navigator (Polish) will try to read aloud litereally everything, just as a human in his native language would do. If the written name was English, it would sound like a Polish who never learned English, trying to read it aloud for the first time with his accent.

    This is "working" as long as the letters are known to the used TTS engine. However, from written Greek to Polish such a transition is not possible.

    You have to find a good match - either you choose a TTS voice that fits to the map language (more or less), or vice versa. You can set the TTS voice for Navigator in the Navigator setttings under Localisation (or similar, I cannot look it up right now).
  • I am sorry, but I do not understand what Chris wants to achieve
    is it Polish application language with Greek TTS?
    why would someone want such combination?
  • Let me explain. When i have seen the "map language option" my idea was that directions wpuld be told in application defined language but street names would be spoken with map language (greek TTS) as this is what was selected. This actuall makes sense!
    The same would be f.e. for englishman going to poland. Reading polish street names in english is just amazingly horrible thing, and since there is explicit option to use map language instead of application language it should be used for TTS!

    For now i have disabled TTS completelly as this kappa phi omega ypsilon street names were just driving me crazy (and makes no sense at all! Better to have it properly read in greek!)
  • "Map language" is just the language displayed on the map. This is also the text that will be passed to the TTS voice to read, as one part of the instruction.

    The TTS voice gets one sentence to read and cannot switch language (= TTS voice) in between, that would not technically work for languages that split Intruction part 1 + street name + instruction part 2.

    Even if possible, consider that different TTS languages = different voices. A composed instruction with two mixed voices would be very annoying.

    That's why I totally agree on the way MapFactor has implemented TTS.
  • Ok. Did not know this is technically impossible... sad... while everyone tells me that it is just stream of bits so everything is possible ;-)

    While i might agree with technical explanation (different voices even) i totally do not agree with absolutelly horrible spelling of greek street names. Dear Chattiewoman, please, try it just once and you will understand the frustration. Hope that one day someone finds solution for this 'impossibility'. In the mean time i am sticking with recorded voices.
  • Just onr more comment about impossibilites...

    Android Oreo has experimental TTS with language auto detect :-)

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