How am I supposed to clear the "Go To Coordinates" bullseyes that are accumulating on my map?
  • I'm at a loss for how to do this. Left click, right click, Esc key, Space key, click and drag, all kinds of stuff I'm trying on the targets and they can't be removed. Digging in the menu, I cannot find anything about clearing the current coordinates.

    It's rather neat that they stay and are persistent, and I may have a use for that in the future, but not now. I need just one target at a time.

    Edit: When I click on the target, I see a little faded bar with 7 items appear at the top. My touchpad on my laptop is not working very well, so it's difficult to quickly get to it before it fades away, but I don't see any use of these buttons for deleting. I did accidentally place a starting/departure flag, and can't figure out deleting that either.

    Edit 2: I found a way to delete the flags, but not the targets. There's a car symbol in the bottom right for routing, and I just hit "Delete All" to get rid of the flags. Still lost on the targets though.

    Thanks in advance!

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